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Candidate Resume Creation

You can create your Resume by clicking on the Create Resume button. Enter a Resume name & click on Create button.

Resume Form

Screenshot: Sample Resume


You can set your availability for a new position here.

Possible values are:

  • Available now: You are available for a new Job immediately

  • Negotiable: Your availability for a new Job is negotiable

  • Open for offers: You are not actively seeking, however you are available for exciting Job offers

  • Not Available: You are currently not available for a new Job


You can set the Resume view for Employers. Switch on the Anonymous View, if you do not wish to share your personal information like name, contact details, photo & name of companies where you worked.

Resume Completeness

This will display your Resume completeness score. You need at least 75% Resume completeness score to share your Resume with Employers while applying for a Job.

Employers view

Click on this button to preview the Resume. This view will be visible to the Employers who receive your shared Resume.

Personal Information

Enter your personal information in this section. Complete all the mandatory fields to achieve Resume completeness score. You can also add links to your various social media profiles.

Additional Informations

You can specify additional information like Nationality, Work Permit & Driving Permit in this section


You can specify your language skills & proficiency in this section.

Sector & Industry Experience

You can enter all the various sectors & Industries where you have gathered experience.

Hardware & Software Skills

You can enter all your software & hardware skills here. List all the programming languages, software tools, hardware tools & devices that you have experience in.


List all your educational degrees, certifications & trainings.

Professional experience

Enter the details of your current & past employments. Describe your Tasks & Responsibilities for each position that you held.


You can upload your Resume, Certificates & References here. Total 5 attachments can be uploaded. Maximum 5 MB/Attachment is allowed.

Important: Please do not upload any sensitive documents like: Passport, Identity Card, Medical certificates, Bank statements & credit card information.


You can specify your Job preferences here. Based on the values entered here, you will get personalised Job offers & suggestions.

Generate PDF

You can generate a PDF of your Jobstoday Resume by clicking on Generate PDF button.



Upload logo

Make sure your logo fits in the frame perfectly

Upload your company logo

Maximum 1 MB - Allowed formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

Maximum 1 MB - Allowed formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png


Check your logo

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