The coronavirus pandemic started transforming the world, causing disruption, loss, and uncertainty.

Nine months ago, the coronavirus pandemic started transforming the world, causing disruption, loss, and uncertainty. Many lost their jobs and stability, and the unemployment rates in the US reached the highest levels since 1948.

But instead of falling into despair, we found a way to adapt and evolve. Work from home is a part of that evolution. When COVID-19 and restrictive measures intertwined and the office was no longer an option, virtual reality became the new workplace.

Once the pandemic hit our world, 88 percent of organizations encouraged or decided to make work from home mandatory. Although telework was supposed to be temporary, Stanford’s research shows that it might be here to stay.

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The Rise Of Work From Home And Part-Time Jobs

For instance, 77 percent of remote workers say that they are more productive when working from home, and 86 percent feel that telework reduces stress. Other perks of work from home jobs are having a flexible schedule, more personal time, and fewer distractions.

There is also a surge in part-time jobs mostly due to economic reasons, pandemic-related business conditions, or struggling with an illness.

If you are one of those seeking jobs in the realm of coexisting with the pandemic, you probably want security and stability. Or perhaps you want enough free time to take care of your family or find two sources of income. In that case, work from and part-time jobs can provide you with a safe workplace and flexibility.

But as you start your job-seeking journey, you should know how much money one can earn on average in the US and Europe.

Average Salaries In The United States And Europe In 2020

On average, an American employee earns 94.700 USD per year. The lowest average is 24.000, while the highest goes up to 423.000 USD. Most employees (75 percent) earn 253.000 USD or less, and the experience level has the most impact on how much you will gain. The highest-paying jobs are in the healthcare field, and anesthesiologists are the top-paid professionals.

If you decide to try your luck in the old continent, keep in mind that choosing Denmark, Luxembourg, or Germany will bring you the best salaries. The average gross payroll in 2020 in these three European Union countries goes up to 5,179.00 euros. Out of the EU’s 27, Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria have the lowest average salary: between 1.075.00 and 690 euros.

But no matter if you want to work for an American or European company, we can help you land your dream work from home or part-time job.

The Best Work From Home And Part-Time Jobs Near You helps you find verified jobs all over the world, and these are some of the best work from home and part-time jobs you can find on our platform.

  • DATA ENTRY PROFESSIONAL, WORK FROM HOME (WFH) – Merk Temporary Talents is looking for candidates with strong data entry experience with attention to detail and a desire to earn 12.000 USD per month.
  • YOUTUBE INFLUENCERS, WFH – Fashionnerd Talent Agency needs an outgoing, knowledgeable, and strategic Youtube influencer to develop their clients’ Tech brand and sales. Salary? 16.000 USD per month.
  • SALESPERSON, PART-TIME – Advance Auto Parts from Plainfield, New Jersey, seeks an employee that will support the DIY business and achieve their service and sales objectives.
  • DELIVERY TRUCK DRIVER, PART-TIME – Sygma from Detroit, MI, US is welcoming recent grads for their new vacancy, and one of the benefits is that the average salary is 75.000 USD per year.

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