After several years of being locked in, customers would be eager to go out and have fun. But we did not expect that the problem would be finding the Spanish waiter.

With the worst of the pandemic crisis behind us, it seemed that the hospitality industry was heading for a better situation. The projection was magnificent. After several years of being locked in, customers would be eager to go out, have fun, and spend. But we did not expect that the problem would be finding the Spanish waiter.

Spain has been suffering from a serious shortage of workers this summer. Especially in the hospitality sector. But this problem can become an opportunity.

The Odyssey of Filling Waiter Jobs in Spain Resignation in the World

The figures speak for themselves. Practically half of the vacancies in the Spanish hospitality industry have been left vacant this summer. For a huge number of businesses, this has been the final nail in the coffin that has been building since the beginning of the pandemic.

Closures have followed. And although this summer 2022 has recovered similar figures to 2019, the profitability of the hospitality industry is declining at an alarming rate. Adding to the problems of finding a Spanish waiter is the high price of energy. With winter on the horizon and without the cushion of summer profits, it looks like a very tough end of the year for hoteliers.

According to many hospitality associations, finding waiters has become an odyssey. And the change in the mentality of young people has an influence. They are no longer willing to work hard at their first job, making it almost impossible to hire casual workers for the summer.

Spanish Waiter Answers: 3 Reasons Why There Are No Employees

No one could have guessed that the severe staff shortage crisis would hit Spain. Despite high unemployment figures, the hospitality industry is failing to close contracts. And the workers are clear about it. If there are problems with waiter jobs, it is for three reasons:

  • Lack of immigrants. The arrival of COVID-19 caused many immigrants to return home. Many of them were waiters who have changed their priorities and have decided not to return to Spain. Family and mental health have become more critical in these years of the pandemic.
  • The waiters of the past now have other jobs. The severe restrictions of the pandemic had a significant impact on the hospitality sector. As a result, the average Spanish waiter had to find other jobs that they are now reluctant to leave.
  • Problems in working conditions. Trade unions and workers’ associations, however, point to poor working conditions. Not respecting the collective bargaining agreement, unpaid overtime, temporary contracts… The hospitality industry may be an easy path for many people, but it carries with it a strong labour stigma.

The Solution: Change the Game

So how do you fill waiter jobs? The solution is to look at recruitment differently. There are many ways to get employees’ attention and not all of them are related to salaries. Check the See more section to find out what employees are looking for in companies. Applying these processes will make a company much more attractive to a waiter.

Also, why not diversify your search to everyone? The lack of waiters can be a great opportunity to start filling waiter jobs with employees in other countries. Globalisation allows us to build teams of any nationality. is your perfect platform for international recruitment. We are experts in global employment, so you can trust us to post your job offers worldwide. Who knows if the best employee is on the other side of the planet?

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