Hospitality work does not have a great reputation, but it is still one of the mainstay sectors of the economy in many countries.

Hospitality work does not have a great reputation, but it is still one of the mainstay sectors of the economy in many countries. And in recent years, the employment situation of these workers has improved a lot. Server jobs are not what they were a few years ago. Now, the conditions are better and it is a sector in great expansion. Are you thinking about starting in server jobs? Then have a look at everything we have to tell you and write down our 3 top tips.

What Are Server Jobs in 2022 Like?

In 2020 and 2021, server jobs have suffered a serious setback due to the global tourism slowdown. However, 2022 is projected to be a great year for the hospitality industry. According to various studies, it will have a great recovery throughout the year. Therefore, opportunities abound and server jobs are becoming more lucrative than ever.

The diversification of schedules and shifts has strongly affected server jobs. This can be very positive for you if you are looking to develop in this sector. Many different opportunities can be tailored to your needs. Flexibility is increasing and you will be able to combine it with other jobs or even your studies.

Whatever your level of experience, you will be able to find server or bartender jobs that are perfect for you. Do you prefer a restaurant? Is an event venue better? Consider other places such as movie theatres as well.

Server Jobs Salary – How Much Will You Make?

To work in server jobs, experience is not always necessary. But keep in mind that the salary will be linked to the needs of the job. The salary in fine dining restaurants will be much higher but will require several years of experience and high certifications.

To give you a general idea, the average salary for server jobs in the US is $28,000/year. In the UK, it is over £20,000/year. In Europe, one of the highest server job salaries is in Germany, with more than 25,000€/year, while in Spain it is much lower, around 18,000€/year.

If you already know where you want to work, why don’t you check server jobs in your area on our website? You can investigate in-depth the conditions and salaries near you.

What to Expect from the Process? – Server Jobs and Becoming One

Before starting to work in server jobs, make sure you possess the necessary skills. Among others, you will likely be asked for:

  • A keen eye for detail. You must see problems before others do. You must control any element out of place and make it perfect again before the client notices it.

  • Independence and problem-solving. Being able to work properly autonomously is key to gaining access to server jobs. If you can solve problems efficiently and without holding up the team, you will be guaranteed a place.

  • Communication skills. Of course, your image in front of the client is very important. Any contact with them will have to be impeccable and solid communication skills are a plus.

  • Work under pressure. Working in the hospitality industry, no matter where you work always has stress peaks. Lunch hours or happy hours can attract a lot of customers, so you should be prepared for any unforeseen event.

  • Physical stamina. Of course, you’ll achieve this over time. But it’s good to be prepared for a physically demanding job. You’ll have to spend many hours on your feet and, in some cases, carrying heavy loads.

If you meet the basic skills, the interview will probably be in person. The owner will want to see you because you will be the visible face of the store. Prepare a standard interview in which you demonstrate your skills with examples. Also, make sure you know the history of the company.

You may be asked for certificates such as Food Handler or Alcohol Serving Certifications. You will need to have these in order before your first day. They are usually simple and not too expensive to obtain.

Our Top 3 Tips

Do server jobs sound good to you? Then take a look at our top 3 tips to get started now.

  • Get your resume up to date. Include all relevant information in your resume. Although server jobs may seem less demanding, you will also have to adapt it to the offer if you want to be selected. If you don’t have a lot of experience, talk about other jobs that demonstrate skills you can develop in server jobs – remember, you have access to our free resume builder tool!

  • Consider what shift you need. Would you like to work part-time or would you prefer a full-time job? Morning or evening? Or even night work? Flexibility is key in server jobs, so you can search for different shifts to find out which one suits you best. You can also consider combining different jobs in complementary shifts.

  • Brush up your skills. Many server jobs have a trial period. That’s why it’s a good idea to practice your skills a few weeks before you start. How to carry several plates, serve food, maintain a proper posture… Of course, they will teach you there, but the pace of work is usually high. They will always appreciate you being a fast learner and someone who can keep it up without any problems.

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Are You Starting Server Jobs in 2022? Consider our 3 Tips First

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