Reasons why electrician job pay better than some for which you need a degree

Reasons why electrician job pay better than some for which you need a degree

Reasons why electrician job pay better than some for which you need a degree


lectrician job is very dangerous, something that makes electricians charge very high amounts. While electrical services and cables may not cost much, they may cause terminal illnesses and even fatalities. Even so, that is not the only reason the costs of electrical services are high. “If an electrician fixed an electrical issue wrongly, it could pose a health hazard to the house occupants,” says electrician Allen Gallant. Statistics show that most house fires are a result of electrical issues.

In addition to dangers associated with electrical work, electricians have to buy expensive insurance policies. Mostly, electrical contractors have to buy an insurance cover for the whole company. Due to the involved risks, insurance companies charge high premiums, therefore, forcing electricians to charge high.

“An electrician will take a lot of time to complete a single project,” says Gallant. “Apart from the time they spend fixing wires, they need time to get the needed equipment and electrical cables ready.” “They mostly find themselves moving from one store to the other and that may force them to spend more money and fuel too.” “At the end of the day, they will transfer the costs to their client,” he finalizes.

Electrician Job Is It A Good Career Option?

It is. Also, the career path is rewarding. As an electrician, you will have the opportunity to offer one of the essential services in your community. As we all know, electricity is what allows the modern world to go around and keeps us comfortable in our homes.

“Apart from helping the community, you will enjoy the security of knowing that you have many valuable skills,” says Gallant. “After mastering the trade, you will take the skills with you for your entire life and that will make for excellent job security and give you a chance to help your family and friends when a need arises,” he states.

Furthermore, it does not take a huge investment to become an electrician. Unlike other well-paid professions that require you to rack up huge student debts, the training for electricians is affordable. You might also be able to work while training. After the training, you can choose to start your business.


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Electrician Job: How To Become An Electrician

Electrical work is not only hard but it is also dangerous. Therefore, you must know what you are doing. You will have to pass through extensive training and gain experience by working under a contractor before you are licensed to work individually. Here is how to become an electrician.

Earn A GED Or High School Diploma

The first step to becoming an electrician is to earn a GED or high school diploma. Further education and training are vital and most trade schools will need a GED or high school diploma to enroll you in one of their programs. Math is a big component of electrical work and a GED or high school diploma will provide you with the needed math skills.

Attend An Electrician School

Attending an electrician school is the next step. An electrical program will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in an electrical career. The courses include both practical and theoretical training.

Get Hands-On Training

An electrician school will provide you with the hands-on training you need to become an electrician. The training will require you to work in a lab setting as you take the textbook skills and apply them to real-life scenarios.

The Best Manual Labor Jobs In The First World

Manual labor jobs are the careers that require people to do physical labor as the main part of their tasks. Even though there are many manual labor jobs to try, most of them will require training, apprenticeships, college degree, and certification. Understanding the best manual labor jobs will help you choose your career path wisely. Here are the best manual labor jobs in the first world.

  • Carpenter: they mostly build frames for new houses. Their duties include measuring and cutting building materials and constructing frames, floors, and walls for various types of buildings. They earn around $21.38 per hour.


  • Welder: Welders are people who weld metal in various circumstances. They mostly weld walls, machinery, airplanes, cars, and underwater pipes. Their main duties include overseeing machines, using specialized machinery, repairing and maintaining machinery, planning layouts, and interpreting blueprints.
  • Plumber: Plumbers are people who work with plumbing systems and pipes. Their key duties include interpreting blueprints, installing pipes and fixtures, installing or building support for pipelines, and testing plumbing systems. They make as high as $25 per hour.


  • Firefighter: The duties of firefighters include driving fire trucks, rescuing victims, treating injured people, and putting out fires, offering fire safety education, and maintaining equipment. They can make as high as $45, 524 per hour.


  • Construction Worker: Construction workers build streets, highways, sewer and water systems, buildings, bridges, dams, and many other structures.


  • Electricians:  Electrician jobs are on all new construction sites and in renovations proyects.

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When Studying At The University Does Not Help You Make More Money

University is a wonderful experience that may open many doors for you and most graduates claim that it is the best decision they have ever made. However, that does not mean is the best route for everyone. It is a big commitment of money and time and it might not help you make money in the future.

Most college students accumulate four years of student loan debt and some of them will not have secured a full-time job when receiving the first bill. In 2018, college students graduated with an average of $30,000 worth of loans at a monthly average of $393 monthly amount due.

On the other hand, an electrician career allows you to make the same amount or even more without a college loan. US News claims that clectrician job that means electricians, rank as the sixth in the list of highly paid workers. “It is the time to become an electrician,” says the training director of Youngstown Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. “Let’s face it.” “There is a shortage of electricians and college is not for everybody,” he adds.

“The apprenticeship program is not for recent high school graduates alone,” claims the director. “Many electricians have joined the program after working in similar or different lines of work.” he finalizes.


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Studies And Salary Increases Do Not Go In Tandem

For many decades, high qualifications meant high pay. A graduate could earn several times as much as what a skilled worker earned. However, the labor market has changed within the last few years and a university degree is not necessarily the key to a high salary. Skilled or manual work pays well today, and in some areas, the salaries for manual workers are above that of graduates. The high demand for most jobs requiring higher education has contributed highly to the low salary.

Most entry-level jobs that require college degrees pay far less than what electricians get. Data from the US Bureau of Statistics, an electrician earns over $55,000 per year. Most entry-level graduates on the other hand earn below $55,000. For example, a college graduate who works as a social worker, counselor, event planner, graphic designer, athletic trainer,r teacher earns lower starting salaries than electricians do.

In comparison to other high paying building trades like steamfitters, plumbers, and pipefitters, electrician job are paid extremely well. On average, steamfitters earn $53,900, ironworkers make $52,600, bricklayers make $49,770, carpenters make $45,000, and HVAC installers and mechanics make $47,600 per year. That means electrician is one of the best apprenticeship programs to try.


Electrician job can be a very good career choice, do not waste your time and take a look for Best Electrician Jobs in United States.

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