Healthcare jobs or medical jobs have seen rapid growth in all parts of the world and the growth is unlikely to end soon.

Healthcare jobs or medical jobs have seen rapid growth in all parts of the world and the growth is unlikely to end soon. In fact, statistics show that healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the United States, with the employment rate doubling the average rate of growth of all occupations.

Studies show that Americans have a longer life expectancy than ever before. That has increased the need for healthcare services. “Adults between the age of 75 and 84 years demand nearly three times of the healthcare the other population combined needs,” states The demand is likely to load over 5.6 million jobs in the medical sector within the next 5 years.

Mental Health and Medical Jobs. How Medical Workers are Surviving the Pandemic

Providing care to other people can cause stress, fear, anxiety, and other symptoms. “How health workers cope with the emotions affects their well-being, the care they give to their patients, and the well-being of their families and friends,” claims RCN general secretary, Pat Cullen. During the Covid-19 pandemic health workers had to recognize stress, know where to go if they need help, and take steps to build their resiliency and cope with it,” she narrates.

Witnessing or experiencing life traumatic or life-threatening events affects everyone differently. In some cases, health workers find it easy to manage the distress and reduce the behavioral and negative health outcomes. However, they may also experience significant impairment or distress, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), acute stress disorder, and secondary traumatic stress. Compassion fatigue may also arise due to the exposure to traumatic events and workplace stress witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To survive the pandemic, medical workers have been encouraged to communicate with their supervisors, coworkers, employees, and relatives about the stress.” “They have been encouraged to talk openly about the effects of the pandemic on their work, identify the factors that trigger stress, and work with their colleagues to identify solutions,” says Cullen. Most health facilities have also made it easier for their workers to access mental health services.

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Salary and Work Demands. Is it Worth It?

TV shows and movies about physicians depict the exciting and glamorous lifestyle, but it is different from what most doctors go through. Most of them talk about the piles of paperwork they must handle and unpredictable days. They must also pass through extensive training before they can start practicing.

All the experience means that they are generously compensated. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists most medical jobs among the 20 highly paid occupations in the US. But is the salary worth it considering the work demands? Ultimately, you will have to decide it yourself. In other words, you have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of the jobs.

Working in medicine is immensely satisfying. “You work in a challenging but intellectually satisfying field,” claims Dr. Kate

Tulenko, the CEO of Corvus Health. Dr. Cate is not the only person who feels that. Dr. Julieanne Waters, who is the Area Medical Director of MedExpress claims that putting everything that she loves about this job is hard and that is the reason she believes job satisfaction is among the notable benefits of becoming a doctor.

Job security is the other benefit you enjoy by choosing a medical career. More recently, many jobs have become obsolete due to technological advancement but doctors have remained relevant. “There is a huge shortage of physicians, meaning that if you are credentialed and you have the license, you will have a job,” Dr. Tulenko notes. Her opinion lines up with the shortage the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has projected.

Furthermore, physicians can affect the lives of their patients. “Every day you wake up knowing that you will make a big difference in the world,” Dr. Tulenkoi speaks. Dr. Watters also thinks that improving the lives of patients is more rewarding to doctors. “Caring for injured and sick people on their hard days is humbling,” she notes adding that she gets a chance to put smiles on other people’s faces.

There are More Types of Medical Jobs than You Might Think in First Place

The medical field offers many career paths for people with different levels of education, experience, and interests. The healthcare profession has been growing steadily and several types of medical jobs, including technical, pharmacy, administrative, and clinical jobs, have come into being. Medical jobs range from entry-level jobs such as medical assisting to upper-level medical jobs such as director positions.

Medical bodies and systems are also complicated and many environmental influences, genetic factors, and lifestyle choices affect health.  So, including after deciding to become a nurse or a doctor, you will have to choose a medical specialization. The popular specializations include pediatrics, oncology, geriatrics, cardiology, neurology, family medicine, and internal medicine.

Other choices in the medical industry include podiatrists, dentists, diagnostic medical sonographers, optometrists, and nuclear medicine technologists, and many others. Health careers may also include complementary and alternative medicines, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Medical jobs types

One of the reasons people consider choose a medical career is the expected high salaries. However, salaries are dictated by specialty, geography, and years of experience. For example, a surgeon in North Carolina is around 2 percent higher than the country’s average. A dentist in Rochester, New York, earns around 10 percent higher than the country’s average while a physical therapist in Dallas earns 5 percent more than those in other parts. Here are various medical jobs and their salaries.

  • Physicians and Surgeons: the median salary stands at $164,065 per year
  • Dentists: dentist salary is over $159,200 per year
  • Pharmacists: pharmacist salary is above $128,090 per year
  • Podiatrists: their median salary is $126,240 per year
  • Nurse anesthetics, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives: their median salary is $115,800 per year
  • Optometrists: optometrist salary is around $115,250 per year
  • Physician Assistants: their median salary is $112,260 per year
  • Veterinarians: their median salary is $95,460 per year
  • Physical Therapists: the median salary is 489,440 per year
  • Radiologists: radiologist salary is around $85560 per year
  • Nurse Practitioner: nurse practitioner salary is over $79,000
  • Physical Therapist: physical therapist salary is around $99,180 per year
  • Dental Hygienist Salary: it is around $83,860 per year
  • Paramedic: paramedic salary is around $50,798 per year
  • Medical Assistant: medical assistant salary is around $36,930 per year

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New Medical Jobs to Come in the Next Decade

The above data shows that your future will be brighter after choosing a career in medicine. Still, some healthcare jobs may not exist in the future due to the transformations that come with technological changes. We may also see many new jobs crop up and training for the workforce started.

“The new jobs will not have precedent and they will need extensive training,” says Reenita Das, the Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Frost and Sullivan. She claims that being aware of future jobs and preparing for them is important. Some of the jobs that you should expect to see in the future include:

  • Reconstructive surgery 3D printing specialists
  • Voice assistant healthcare content specialists
  • Robotic clinical documentation scribes
  • Epigenetic counselors
  • Health finance planners
  • Brain neurostimulation specialists

With technological advancement, most of the jobs in the above list will stand as the fastest-growing jobs in the industry.

Rewarding Job? Worth It? It Depends

Medical jobs can be rewarding, but they are not always easy. Whether it is cleaning up after a patient or working with a distressed patient or family member, this job includes hard tasks. Maybe you want take a look of some Medical Jobs in United States. However, you might find out that assisting people is worth the experience.