Many companies find themselves questioning the real value of recruitment after two difficult years.

Why Recruitment Should Be Key In Your Company


Many companies find themselves questioning the real value of recruitment after two difficult years. When we work with international jobs, the situation is exacerbated by the difficulties of working between different countries.

Recruiting is a challenge. We cannot deny that. But it is our job to make it an opportunity and not a problem. That’s why at we want to be one of your main recruiting tools. International work can be a challenge, but it can also be a new way of understanding the work environment that helps you stay ahead of the competition.

That’s why recruiting should be a central process in your company. It will allow you to adapt to the times, stay ahead of the competition and find new talent. If you find it difficult, let us give you our recruiting ideas. We have already helped more than 2 million candidates and recruiters with them.

Top 5 Recruitment Problems And Our Solutions


Do you have a problem? At we are looking for a solution. The world of international jobs recruiting is our environment. That’s why we know how to answer 5 of the most common problems faced by candidate search teams. Find out below:

  • Finding the best candidate. El problema número 1 es fácil de resolver gracias a nosotros. Contamos con distintas recruiting tools para acertar a los mejores candidatos. El Individual Candidate Targeting servirá para que el candidato ideal pulse en tu anuncio. Además, tienes a tu disposición una garantía del 100% de que encontrarás candidatos. ¡Será imposible que se te escape!
  • Expanding your candidate reach. Sometimes, searching in too small an area means that you don’t find the employee you are looking for. We have experience in any field, like receptionist or office jobs and more than 200 partner sites. So finding the best candidate will be easy… even if they are on another continent.
  • Easing the candidate’s experience. Ease of use is key. That’s why allows integration with other recruiting tools like LinkedIn. This way, our users won’t have to make a new registration from scratch.
  • Making it human. Behind there is a team of people dedicated to finding talent. You can rest assured that, whether you are an HR or a candidate, there will always be someone to talk to during the process.
  • Reaching passive candidates. Several studies estimate that in the coming years most jobs will be filled by passive candidates. That is workers who are not actively seeking employment. It will be the job of recruiters to find them. We are already ahead of them with our social media campaigns.


Why You Should Go For International Recruiting Firms


Expanding your candidate search through international recruiting firms seems to be a risky thing to do. When you go for international jobs, language and communication difficulties exist. But thanks to technology, they are easily accessible.

Keep in mind that many companies are jumping into the international model. Tapping into talent from other countries helps bring new prospects into your company. And it’s one of the best-recruiting ideas to stay ahead of the competition. With the increasing introduction of remote work, it’s easier than ever.

Why not take the plunge now? At, with our recruiting tools, we got you covered.

10 Companies That Jobstoday.World Has Helped


When you take off in the world of international jobs, you are looking for those who will ensure you a perfect landing. That’s why at we can assure you that our recruiting tools will lead you to the best candidate.

We have already built relationships with great companies around the world and we are waiting for you to join us. What are you waiting for to take advantage of our recruiting ideas? Here is an example of ten companies that have already grown thanks to us:


What’s the biggest issue facing your HR team? Are you hesitant to jump into the international work environment? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

And if you have already made up your mind… it’s time to join the community to find candidates anywhere in the world. You have an exclusive 100% guarantee that you will find candidates. Try it for free and let’s work together now.

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