Your job offer has been posted for days, but there is still no candidate that meets your requirements.

Your job offer has been posted for days, but there is still no candidate that meets your requirements. You have explained the process, why hasn’t the ideal candidate appeared yet? Maybe it’s time to take a look at your job description. Let us give you our tips to make it the most engaging and attractive one!

What Is A Job Description And What Should It Always Include

Your job description is the gateway for candidates to your company. It’s the first thing a potential employee will see, and you want to make sure it’s a great first impression. In it, you explain clearly and concisely what you expect from the employee filling the position.

A good job description should always include:

  • Job Title. Clearly explain the position you are looking for and the level. It should be simple, but attractive and eye-catching.

  • Summary. Briefly summarise the purpose of the job and explain who the company is. Make sure the tone of the company is reflected in the writing.

  • Responsibilities. Ideally, this should be written in bullet point format to make it clearer. Give information on how much time each task will require.

  • Requirements. Skills and qualifications should also appear in bullet point format. Include level of experience and also skills that are desired but not essential.

  • Salary and Benefits. List a salary range to allow for variations. If there are other benefits, list them as well.

  • Contact Information. Make the steps to apply easy: send an email, send a portfolio…

How To Make Your Job Description Remarkable

Do you already have the minimums of your job description? Good. Now make it attractive. You want the perfect candidate to stop and click. To achieve that, you need more than the basics. 

With these extras, your job description will be a magnet for great candidates. Follow our 4 tips:

  • Be Inclusive. It doesn’t matter if it’s an offer for CEO jobs or babysitting jobs. Inclusiveness should appear from the job description. Make it open to everyone and make it clear that your company is a friendly and positive place to develop.

  • Be Personal. It’s time to be original. Highlight the interesting and fun part of the job beyond a boring list of tasks. Depending on your job field, you can allow yourself to be more informal. The candidate will appreciate it.

  • Be Real. Even if you highlight the most positive aspects of the job, it’s key not to lie. If a candidate feels that your job description was misleading, they will surely not join the project.

  • Be simple. Try to make the offer accessible to everyone. Avoid words that are only used within the company and aim for terms that are commonly used in the job field.

Do’s And Don’ts – With Job Description Examples

Take a look at a simple example to understand how a job description should look like:

We are looking for an adventurer to join our crew as Community Manager. You’ll need to know how to navigate the social media seas and send ships to find our customers. We want you to create conversation and help us.

Maybe that’s too poetic.

We are looking for a Community Manager to take care of our main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok). It is desirable that you have a background in Social Media and have worked for a year in social media. If you’re a social media savvy person, this is the place for you!

Keet it simple, clear and the right amount of original.

Need a Job Description Template? We Got Your Back

Still unsure? Adapt our template to your needs:


Write a simple question that introduces the offer. Then talk about the company culture. Just two frases is enough. Explain what you need in a clear an concise manner.


  • Responsibility 1.
  • Responsibility 2.
  • Responsibility 3.
  • Don’t make it too long. Try not to make it longer than 5.


  • Requirement 1.
  • Requirement 2. 
  • Requirement 3.
  • Again, 5 should be enough.

List the salary range. Then the benefits. Now it’s your time to shine. Explain how good the company is. Your expectations. Opportunities for promotion. Don’t make it too long.

List contact information and the steps the candidate should take if he wants to apply. Give a warning goodbye. Like: Hope to hear from you soon!

Job Description Vs Job Specification – What’s The Difference?

Have you come across the term “job specification” and are not sure what it means? No, it is not the same as a job description. While a job description usually refers to the entire content of the job offer, the job specification is somewhat more specific.

It is the list of experience, qualifications and skills required of the candidate. It is, therefore, the part of the job offer that explains the requirements and responsibilities that the employee will have. Remember the information we put in bullet list format? That’s the job specification.

Now that you know how to create the best job description in the world, why don’t you start looking for the perfect candidate? And what better place to find employees than, where you can get in touch with candidates from all over the world. Let’s work together now.

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