he Spanish government has proposed to legislate a sick leave for women suffering from disabling menstruation. It is still under discussion, but it seems that a medical diagnosis will be required and it can be extended up to 5 days. If the law goes through, Spain will become the first country in the European Union to legislate menstrual leave. But… is this really an adequate solution?

The idea that babysitting jobs are simple and intended only for young students looking to earn money is outdated. Today, this field of work has evolved and is expanding rapidly. With the return of face-to-face work, many parents are in need of these services. But keep in mind that it is a very competitive field!

Are Babysitting Jobs For Teens Only?

The short answer is of course not! The long answer is that getting a long term babysitting job is not easy, but with time and effort, it can be done.

Patience and a clean criminal record are a must. Also, experience with children and having your own vehicle will help raise the salary. Otherwise, the job depends a lot on the family you are with and you should be prepared for anything. 

You may find that the children you take care of are self-righteous and their parents always make things easy. But it’s also quite possible that you will come across children with special needs, learning difficulties or simply more unruly than usual. Keep this in mind when you enter the world of babysitting.

Maybe you are interested in babysitting jobs as your first job, but are not sure if you are of legal age to work. Babysitting jobs are among the most sought-after jobs for teens and preteens. But you should always be aware of how the law works in your country to avoid incurring a possible crime.

For example, in most of the United States, there is no legal age to start working as a nanny. In Canada, depending on the location, the minimum age may be 12 or 16. But in Spain, teenagers cannot carry out babysitting jobs if they are under 16 years old. And they must always have their parents’ authorization. 

Study how the legal system works in the place where you want to work. Make sure you are properly informed so that you are not taken advantage of just because you are young.

Our Guide to Get Babysitting Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a casual job or something more stable, babysitting jobs can be the answer. To build a solid client base, use a variety of strategies:

  • Ask acquaintances. This is the simplest method but sometimes it’s also the most effective. Referrals are still the filter most parents use to find people they trust to stay with their children. Make sure your circle knows that you are looking for a job as a nanny.
  • Look for babysitting job offers. Of course, the Internet is your greatest ally. Job offers can be found anywhere, so take to the web. One place to start can be our site, Jobstoday.world. Here you can find various babysitting job offers all over the world that fit what you are looking for.
  • Check out schools. Asking in schools if a parent is looking for a nanny is a smart idea. You can give your details in person and, if it is the school you attended, they will be more than happy to help you.
  • Use flyers. Don’t underestimate the power of an old-school ad. Of course, you should couple it with other methods, but an attractive flyer can land you a steady, solid job in no time.

Stay Safe in Babysitting Jobs – What to Consider

Many times it seems that caregiving jobs, such as babysitting jobs, are outside the law and safety is not that significant. This is not true and it is your duty to know your rights and obligations so that the job is healthy, safe and profitable for both parties.

Follow three simple principles:

  • Be professional. Study the law and do not accept a job that does not convince you. Demand that your salary is in accordance with the established salary, without unpaid overtime or off-hours. Of course, report any inconvenience and maintain a secure line of communication with your employers.
  • Be safe. If you are a minor, try to have a trusted adult present when you meet new parents. At the slightest uncomfortable situation at work, whether physical or verbal, talk to an adult. It’s not worth it to work in a place that makes you feel unwell. Remember you’re not alone.
  • Be realistic. You should be the priority. Consider taking a break if the job is no longer compensating you or you are a student and it is making your academic performance decline. The best thing about babysitting jobs is that demand doesn’t drop, so you can easily rejoin the workforce later on.

Have you already decided to take the plunge into babysitting jobs? Then Jobstoday.world is your place to start. We have hundreds of offers all over the world so you can find the most suitable job for you. We are waiting for you! Let’s work together.

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