Finding the best employee depends on your job as an interviewer.

Finding the best employee depends on your job as an interviewer. So you need to make sure you will perform well. We know that hiring employees through online interviews are difficult, but you don’t want to get into trouble by not knowing the candidates well enough. Conduct your job interviews by following these tips and you will find the absolute best employees in the blink of an eye.

Your Online Interview Will Go Smoothly With These Tips

When you face an online interview, the basics are very similar to a face-to-face interview. You should be prepared and have internalised the offer. Hiring employees is a complex process, so you will be more relaxed if you have checked everything.

Whether it’s remote or office jobs, once you managed to find employees, follow our 4 tips to make it the best job ever:

  • Test, test, test. Check several times that the connection works, your camera can be seen and heard correctly. You don’t want to find yourself with problems in your equipment or software minutes before the interview starts.
  • Have a backup plan. If all else fails, you don’t want to be left in the lurch. Have the interviewee’s phone number located and call them, either to conduct a phone interview or to reschedule.
  • Create a good environment. The interview should ideally be with the camera on. Choose a comfortable place with no distractions and give a warning so you won’t be interrupted.
  • Have a pen and paper. They are more reliable than technological tools and won’t let you down so easily.


But, what is our pro tip that you should always follow to make your online job interviews go smoothly? Put a picture of someone you love right in front of the camera.

We tend to have a habit of looking at ourselves on the screen or at the other person. But then it looks as if we are looking away and uninterested. It’s better to look at the camera. And if you place the photo of someone you love right on top of it, the smile will come more naturally, you’ll be more comfortable and you’ll conduct the interview better. Just try it!

Are Online Interview Questions Any Different?

The answer is yes and no. When it comes to hiring employees, the typical questions like Tell me about yourself or Why do you think you are a good fit for this position may come up if you need them to. But it is true that there are some questions that should come up if you are trying to find employees for a remote position.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have you worked from home before?
  • How do you organize your day when you work from home?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an self-sufficient worker?
  • We use [insert your most-used communication tool here] para comunicarnos. Are you familiar with it?
  • For you, what is the best and the worst part about working from home?
  • If we could switch the position to face-to-face or hybrid, would you be interested?

As always, end the interview by allowing the candidate to ask you as many questions as they feel necessary. Use this time to get to know them better and to explain the culture of the company.ç

Of course, you should contact all candidates when you have finished the selection process, whether they have been selected or not. An employee recruitment process is also a great opportunity to improve the company’s image. A generic email is more than enough and will allow them to talk about you better.


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 What To Wear – Choose The Perfect Online Interview Outfit

If you managed to find employees, and are about to interview them, clothes are a matter of relevance. What you are wearing is very important – it is the first image the employee will take of you and the company, so make sure it is appropriate.

If the company usually wears formal clothes, wear them during the interview. If not, you can dress more casually. Anyway, consider the background and how it will interact with your clothes. Prioritise darker colours, which look better on camera. Always do a pre-test to check how the whole image looks.

And make sure you wear formal pants! Even if you are home, and sitting during the interview, you may have to get up. You don’t want them to see your pyjama trousers.

Now you know how to do the best online interview for hiring employees. It’s time to find them. gives you the opportunity to upload your job offers with the best job posting costs. With a 100% application guarantee, there’s no need to wait!

Let’s work together now.

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