Finding a first job can be a challenge. If you don’t have a lot of experience, many positions may decide not to hire you. Luckily, some jobs will be open to you. Such as a McDonald’s job. But how old can you start working at the fast-food chain?

Finding a first job can be a challenge. If you don’t have a lot of experience, many positions may decide not to hire you. Luckily, some jobs will be open to you. Such as a McDonald’s job. But how old can you start working at the fast-food chain?

Rumour has it that McDonald’s is a place where you earn little money for a sacrificial job. But the truth is that it’s a job that offers flexible hours. And about the salary…

What About McDonald’s Salary?

First, let’s talk about money. McDonald’s is one of the largest employers in the world. It is present in more than 100 countries. So salaries vary a lot depending on where you are.

In New Zealand, for example, the average salary of a McDonald’s Crew Member is NZD 14.25/hour, while in Denmark, it pays an average of $21/hour. The salary in a McDonald’s job in the US is lower, at an average of $8.69/hour. But the salary there is increased during the first year, so it improves a lot.

Bear in mind that the salary can rise up for other reasons. For example, if you are in overnight jobs. Also, a McDonald’s job makes it very easy to be flexible. In fact, if you are a minor, you can only work a maximum of four hours a day, so it’s worth checking out!

Is McDonald’s Manager Salary Worth It?

The usual cliché is that a McDonald’s job is not good for creating a long-term career. But the truth is that becoming a McDonald’s Manager can bring you very good experiences. 

Your objectives would be to make sure that everything is in order, that quality standards are being respected and that the customer is happy with the service. Among other things, you will have to organize the team and confirm that maintenance is adequate.

In addition, you will be in charge of making sure that the workers do not exceed the allowed working hours. And the salary is very good! A McDonald’s Manager salary is in the mid-$71,800/year range. The downside? You’re only eligible for this position if you’re over 18 years old. But starting as a Crew Member can be a great way to get you started.

Why not take a look at the McDonald’s job offers available on You can select your area to find out what the working conditions are there and find the position that best suits your needs.

Can You Work at McDonald’s at 14?

So, now you know better how a McDonald’s job works. Can you access them depending on your age? As we have explained, the legislation depends on the country where you are. In the U.S., permits vary greatly from state to state. Let’s take a general look at the situation in the United States:

  • At 17 years old, you will have no problem getting a McDonald’s job. In all states, it is legal for you to get a full-time job.
  • At 16, there is usually no problem either. But be aware that you may not be allowed to perform some of the more complex tasks.
  • At 15, you may only be allowed to work in certain states. As a general rule, an employee under the age of 15 can’t have a McDonald’s job in the kitchen. So your duties will be limited to customer service, such as taking orders or cashiering.
  • At age 14, you can only work in certain states, such as Indiana, Pennsylvania or Ohio. However, it may be more difficult to get hired. Businesses tend to prefer older workers.

In other countries, you will have to study the current legislation. For example, in Australia, there is no problem for you to work if you are only 14 years old. But in Spain, you need to be 16 at least.

What Do You Need to Get a McDonald’s Job?

McDonald’s is one of the most common entry points into the workforce for young people. Most workers are not old enough to have a degree, so education is not usually very relevant to getting a job. Previous experience can help. 

But what is most in demand is availability and the ability to work under pressure. Highlighting teamwork or organizational skills in the interview is a good idea. Chances are, if you have the desire, it won’t be difficult to find a McDonald’s job.

Younger employees can only get a Crew Member position. They will have to take care of customer welfare, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment. They may also work in drive-through service.

A McDonald’s job can be a great entry-level position. No matter your age! If you want to find a great position to start your adventure in the working world, trust the best. At we have jobs all over the world for you to find the right fit for you. Let’s work together.

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