amazon area manager salary

How is the job of Amazon Area Manager Beneficial?

How is the job of Amazon Area Manager Beneficial?

amazon area manager salary

How is the job of Amazon Area Manager Beneficial?


ecoming an Amazon Area Manager is a rewarding and competitive job role. It is a position that comes within Amazon’s Fulfilment and Operations. Operations Manager, Depot Manager, and Flow Lead are some other positions under Fulfilment and Operations.

As an Area Manager, you would manage a team that consists of 50 to 200 Amazon Associates. In a nutshell, you would become a “people’s manager,” as Amazon describes the job position. It is an excellent career option for graduates and postgraduates seeking an entry-level role in a leading enterprise.

What Is The Job Role Of An Amazon Area Manager?

An Area Manager would act as the primary point of information for a team of 50 to 200 Amazon Associates. In this managerial position, you would have to nurture and develop your team. As a frontline employee, you would have to assist the Associates. The Associates work with you in troubleshooting the issues that they might confront. You have to identify any other barriers that might be present and create solutions to overcome them.

Besides that, you have the role of creating a safe work environment for your team. Other responsibilities that come within this job are product loss prevention and customer demand satisfaction. You would have to communicate and interact with other managers to gather information and get past hurdles.


area manager amazon salary

What Are The Salaries For Amazon Area Manager Jobs?

Having a clear picture of the compensation gained by Amazon Area Managers can help you decide if it is a career path for you. When we look at the salary scale for this job role at Amazon in the UK, it is £ 41,252 per year. It is the average base salary formulated by Payscale, and the last update was on April 21, 2021.

When it comes to the compensation offered for the same job role in the US, it is $ 72,588 per year. It is the estimate created by Indeed based on 86 salaries and other relevant information acquired by them.

What Are The Skills Amazon Considers For This Job Role?

Here are the skills essential for the position of Amazon Area Manager.

  • Leadership skills

Since you have to manage and support a team that consists of 50 to 200 members, you must be ready to invest in others. Besides that, you have to be a team player as well.

  • Energetic and Vibrant

As a leader, you have to keep up the spirits of your team members. You have to reflect your energy as it would help the Associates in maintaining their morale.

  • Management experience

It will be highly beneficial having worked in a managerial position where you have managed a warehouse or distribution center.

  • Analytical skills

Having the ability to analyze data and providing business solutions are essential. Besides that, you have to be goal-oriented and deadline-driven.

  • Other skills

It is beneficial to have financial and driving skills while working as an Amazon Area Manager.

These are some of the skills that Amazon considers while hiring an Area Manager. When it comes to your educational qualification, you should have a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree.

What Are The Reasons To Become An Amazon Area Manager?

As an Area Manager, you would be working in a productive and competitive environment. Here, you would gain opportunities to learn and develop yourself in a plethora of ways. You can understand managing people, supply chain, logistics, customer satisfaction, etc. Besides that, you can grow in your career within Amazon and gain the opportunity to network with different people.

Becoming an Amazon Area Manager can be an exciting job position for those who wish to have a career in management. Through this, you can acquire advancement and growth as well. Are you ready to become an Amazon Area Manager in United States?

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