Remember: whoever adapts first gets the biggest piece of the pie. Find out what awaits us in the future of hiring.

The world of recruiting is changing by leaps and bounds. The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred new trends that will change the way job seekers and recruiting specialists operate. To stay ahead of the curve, you must always be two steps ahead. Remember: whoever adapts first gets the biggest piece of the pie. Find out what awaits us in the future of hiring.

What Will The Future Of Recruiting Look Like In A Post-Covid World?

 The full entry of digital into the world of recruiting was already in the making. The pandemic has only accelerated the inevitable. Video interviews, email communication and job portals are the present and will be the future. Job seekers should get used to them as soon as possible.

All this also brings (or at least it should) a new perspective in which people are at the centre. It is not for nothing that COVID-19 has shown us the importance of both physical and mental health. And taking care of people is the responsibility of the company. Job seekers, recruiting specialists, HR… must place humanity in a process that will be dominated by automation. The human factor will become increasingly important.

 How will recruiting work in the future? These 6 trends help us imagine it:

  • AI Recruiting. AI will gain relevance and become an indispensable part of the process. A refined AI can filter candidates based on various factors such as experience, skills or the recruiting specialist’s notes. This will make the process more agile and simpler for all involved.
  • Gamification. Turning recruiting into a game is already a reality that many companies are implementing. The trend will continue to grow. This will facilitate the experience for job seekers and it will be easier to discover their skills.
  • Social Media Recruiting. Every social network will be susceptible to become a place to find employees. Not just LinkedIn. A recruiting specialist will search through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even TikTok to find the best candidate.
  • Automating the process. The drift towards digital implies a greater relevance of automated processes. Chatbots to guide the candidate. Video questions for non-simultaneous interviews anywhere…
  • Data analysis. Big data analysis can be a great tool to speed up the recruiting process. Seeing at a glance all the candidates that meet certain characteristics will help you to filter and make decisions quickly.
  • Say goodbye to resumes. Really? Yes. Resumes are evolving into digital tools that will allow access to all job seekers’ information. Imagine accessing each candidate’s experience and background and filtering according to your interests.

Tips For Job Seekers – What Will Recruitment Be Like For Them?

 For candidates, the Internet will be a great ally. Any recruiting specialist will tell you that online presence will become more and more important. Let’s keep in mind that most job offers are not posted on job portals.  The digital footprint says who you are, much better than any resume. Working on your own brand on social networks will be indispensable in any field.

The digital footprint says who you are, much better than any resume. Working on your own brand on social networks will be indispensable in any field. Whether it’s warehouse jobs or any job not digitally related, your social media presence is crucial.

Moreover, a digitally dominated process can be much more damaging to the mental health of job seekers. If a company does not put the human factor at the centre of the process, it can do devastating damage. Working on self-esteem and self-worth is a must for candidates.

What Will Job Seekers Need? – What You Can Do For Them

As a recruiting specialist, it’s your job to find the best employee. But your job is also to take care of the recruiting process. Because any candidate is an opportunity to improve (or worsen!) your reputation.

Think that job seekers will leave the interview talking about the process. Whether you select them or not, it will be your responsibility to make them feel at ease. Reputation is key for your company (and in the future, it will be even more so). So take advantage of this process to make it beneficial for both parties. 

Just follow three principles:

  • Make it respectful. Digging into a candidate’s social networks is commonplace. But avoid making decisions based on their personal posts. This speaks ill of you as a professional.
  • Make it human. With technology, it’s easy to adapt to the needs of job seekers as much as possible. Being nice to them is a must. Remember that you must add the human factor to the process.
  • Make it meaningful. Increasingly, candidates are looking for their job to be meaningful. Make it meaningful from the beginning. Getting them involved in the recruitment process is up to you.

What do you think the future of recruitment will look like? How can you incorporate the human factor into the selection process? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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