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Entry Level Jobs

Entry Level Jobs

The job pursuit is one of the biggest challenges and milestones in everyone’s life.

The job pursuit is one of the biggest challenges and milestones in everyone’s life.

The job pursuit is one of the biggest challenges and milestones in everyone’s life, and the hectic pandemic landscape made it even more difficult. The levels of unemployment in 2020 have continuously been worrying, and that negative trend is affecting job seekers between 20 and 24 years old more than others.

The Best Entry-Level Jobs And Opportunities  In 2022

The post-COVID-19 era is doubling the challenge of finding work without a college degree or no experience since many businesses have to work at minimal capacities. But many entry-level jobs are still seen as essential, and they will continue hiring in 2021. For example, restaurant employment has improved since September.

Besides restaurant services, other entry-level jobs you can consider are merchandising, retailing, and administrative assistants, but you will find these opportunities across all industries. The average entry-level salary in the US is 41.472 USD per year, while that number is £32,500 in the UK and 25.664 euros in Spain.

These are the three tips on how to enhance your job search and start your career.


Set Clear And Specific Goals

Many job seekers don’t have a clear vision and priorities, so they aimlessly apply for every available position. It is why they don’t articulate well what the hiring managers want to read, and they don’t get the opportunity to land an interview.

Ensure that you have precise goals and clarity about what it is that you want. Then you will be able to construct your resume and job application around that goal and to express your motivation and interest effectively.

Be Flexible And Realistic

Unfortunately, now it’s not the time to be picky, and you have to adjust your requirements. Don’t expect that every job will be remote due to the COVID-19. Be upfront about your plans and apply accordingly.

If you don’t have experience and the required educational level, find jobs without a degree that allow you to progress and learn.

Work On Your Networking

Create, maintain, and grow your LinkedIn profile. It is the place where 122 million people received an interview and 35.5 million connected with a person who hired them after that.

Volunteer or connect with your old classmates or colleagues. Around 80 percent of jobs are filled through networking, meaning that you really can’t afford to neglect your acquaintanceships and relationships.

The Best Entry-Level Jobs And Opportunities

When you are ready to dive into job searching, Jobstoday.world has an array of high-quality entry-level jobs and vacancies that don’t require a degree. These are some of the best jobs across the US and Europe.

  • ENTRY-LEVEL SALES, MUTUAL OF OMAHA – Iowa, US. It is a perfect job position for those with a leadership mindset, entrepreneurial skills, and friendly attitude.
  • ENTRY-LEVEL MERCHANDISER, TRACTOR SUPPLY CO – Wahpeton, ND, US. Although it is a job without a degree requirement, you should have prior retail experience.
  • SUPPORT WORKER, VOYAGECARE – Headley Down, Hampshire, UK. It is a great opportunity for those without experience and degree who want to encourage people with disabilities to lead a fulfilling life.

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