homeland security jobs

Best Security Jobs in 2022

Best Security Jobs in 2022

homeland security jobs

Best Security Jobs in 2022


ociety holds highly doctors, nurses, police officers, and other similar professions that center around saving lives and protecting people. Yet, there is one that people unfairly overlook. – Security guards.

These professionals work in a range of different industries, and they put their lives on the line to make sure others are safe and sound. Security jobs are full or part-time, but there are also causal roles. Depending on the industry, their schedules are strict or flexible. For instance, those guards that work as a concierge usually work 40 hours per week.

The Best Security Jobs And Opportunities In 2022

Security guards in the USA made a median annual salary of 29.680 USD in 2019. On the other side of the Atlantic, it depends on the country. Those that work as security in Germany earn an average of 33.515 euros per year. In Luxembourg, that number is 34.090, and in Greece, 15.936 a year.

But those professionals that work as nightclub security guards or mobile patrol can usually adjust their schedule with their personal lives. Even though being security is a gratifying job, it’s not always easy. On average, they make between 10.000 and 20.000 steps per shift. On the bright side, security guards have to be active, which means better physical health.

If you are thinking about becoming a security guard, here are the top three reasons why that’s a great idea.

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Security guards protect, help, and keep people safe. Sometimes they intimidate and deter criminals just by being there. That way, security guards make others feel comfortable and relaxed. It is what makes the job so rewarding. They make the world a better place, which is a reminder that their job makes a difference.

High Employability 

The world will always need guards who will prevent violence and protect people. That makes it an essential job and continuously in demand. Hence, by choosing this career, you will make yourself more employable, and that’s essential in these uncertain times.

Interaction with people

Whether it’s with colleagues, customers, or visitors, security guards usually meet new people every day. They continuously learn something new from every interaction, and they sharpen their soft skills.

Start your security job pursuit on Jobstoday, the best platform for high-quality vacancies and matching settings. Here are some of the opportunities you can find across the USA and the European Union.

  • Hospital Security Officer, Allied Universal – San Diego, CA, United States. Allied Universal is looking for a professional with stellar communication skills and a valid guard card or license. The salary is 17 USD per hour.
  • Security guard – County office, Allied Universal – San Marcos, CA, United States. This is a perfect job position for those that love assisting clients and keeping the community safe and secure.
  • Security guard – County office, Allied Universal – San Diego, CA, United States. If you have outstanding interpersonal skills, a valid guard license, and the ability to handle alarming situations, this could be your ideal position.

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