As part of project manager jobs, you would have to plan and oversee various projects.

As part of project manager jobs, you would have to plan and oversee various projects. You would be responsible for completing them within a stipulated period. Apart from that, you have to create a budget, track progress, update and monitor the project consistently. Here, we will look into the different aspects of project manager jobs in 2021.

Why Choose Project Management as a Career Option?

The reasons why you should consider the position of a project manager are as follows:

  • Growth

When you step in as a project manager, you would be managing teams and initiating new projects. These factors can help you in acquiring new skills. You would be gaining exposure that is similar to the ones obtained by the CEO of a company. It will be highly beneficial for you in the future if you plan to start your enterprise.

  • Networking

You can build positive and empowering relationships with your clients and other stakeholders. You would be working and collaborating with people from different backgrounds.

These aspects can help you in attaining personal and professional development.

  • Financial benefits

When we consider the financial benefits, the salaries of project manager jobs are competitive and high. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), the median pay is $77,420. When we consider the lowest payment, it is $42,180, and the highest is $135,220.

When we analyze the salary for project managers in the UK, the average payment is £47,500. In the UK, the lowest pay is available in the education sector, which is £35,000. When it comes to the highest, it is £70,000, which is in the energy and utility sector.

  • Flexibility

Numerous companies offer remote working as an option for project managers. Besides that, you would also get the opportunity to travel to different places. There are several sectors where you can work as a project manager. They include telecom, education, legal, aerospace, consultancy, etc.

  • High demand

As per the Project Management Institute(PMI), the demand for project managers would increase by 33%. It means that there would be 22 million new job opportunities by 2027.

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What are the Skills Employers Look at in Project Manager Jobs?

When we consider the qualifications that employers look at, it is suitable to have five-plus years of experience. It is best to have it in the field you are trying to pursue your career. Besides that, you need to have these skills while planning to start your career as a project manager.

  • Communication skills

Communication skills are essential for any profession. Along with your skills to manage tasks and to handle your team, you must have the ability to communicate well. It includes your listening, speaking, and writing capabilities.

  • Interpersonal skills

Akin to your ability to communicate well, you must have interpersonal skills. It is a requirement as you would be handling different people from diverse backgrounds. You would have to focus on building and maintaining relationships as part of this.

  • Analytical skills

As part of your job, you would have to analyze specific situations and make necessary decisions. Under these scenarios, you have to work from the point of view of an analyst. While hiring for project manager jobs, an employer would consider this factor deeply.

  • Leadership skills

Since you would be managing a team of employees, you need to possess leadership skills. Here, you would have to handle different situations and direct them. For that purpose, it will be helpful if you have relevant experience in heading a team.

  • Management skills

As a project manager, you would have to manage your team directly. Besides that, you must be aware of how to handle stressful situations. Employers would consider your problem-solving and conflict-resolution abilities too.

Apart from these, time management skills are also essential. By nourishing and developing these skills, you can acquire a position as a project manager in a firm. If you feel ready, you can try to find a new career with some of Best Project Manager Jobs in United States.