Office jobs often have a reputation of being boring cubicle nightmares.

Regardless of the success, prosperity, and progress they can give, office jobs often have a reputation of being boring cubicle nightmares. But even though some of them are dull, you shouldn’t assume that they are all the same. You might be losing a great opportunity.

Top 3 Best Office Jobs (2022)

Office jobs can be the ideal career choice for you. It can provide you with stability, a chance to meet interesting people, and growth in your networking skills. Thus, there is a wide range of positions you can pursue.

If you are considering money, you should know that the average annual office worker salary in the United States is $37,000/year. In Germany, it can be up to 33,500€/year. If we talk about the UK, the national average salary is around £25,000/year. However, there are always jobs that pay better than others. Discover the top 3 highest-paying office jobs according to Business Insider and Zippia:

  • Computer and information systems manager. People who choose this career coordinate computer-related activities in a company. Their median annual salary is $135,800.
  • Investment fund manager. Professionals in these office jobs provide corporate and private customers with advice and service regarding finances. It helps them decide where and how to invest money. On average, investment fund managers earn $134,192/year.
  • Petroleum engineer. They create methods that will enhance oil and gas extraction and production. Also, they identify whether there’s a need for new devices or to improve the old ones. Their average annual salary is $128.230.

How to Get Office Jobs – No Experience Required

Office jobs can be very desirable from the outside. Especially if you are in a demanding position that requires great physical effort. And while getting one is not without its difficulties, indeed, getting office jobs without experience need not be impossible.

Entry-level office jobs, such as receptionist or administrative assistant, are jobs that don’t usually require a lot of experience. But they will look at other things when hiring you. Especially if you have the necessary skills.

Computers and technology are a must in most office jobs. That means you’ll need to know the most basic systems inside out. Make sure it’s reflected in your resume. And if you have any doubts, you can always take a look at the office jobs in your area on That way, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what they’re looking for and you can prepare yourself more easily.

Office Jobs Hiring Can Be Very Rewarding – And Not Just Because of the Salary!

Remuneration is a great incentive, but it should not be the only reason to consider office jobs. Find out our top 3 benefits you can get from working at the office:

  • Company culture. The values, mission and goals that make up a company can be highly beneficial for employees. Organizational culture increases happiness and productivity. Offices workplaces have different workers and departments working together, which boosts team spirit, a sense of support, and creativity.
  • Work-life balance. Office jobs can be mentally tiring, but when you go home, you can finally relax. If you work from home or in any environment that doesn’t give you a strict distinction between your job and personal life, it’s easy to experience burnout. When your bedroom is also your office, it’s hard to keep leisure and work time apart.
  • Collaboration. Other jobs can provide you with flexibility, but they can be lonely. In an office, people continuously surround you. There, you can exchange ideas and solutions, and help each other. Work-from-home is not the best for creating an engaging environment where you can collaborate with others and learn new things. Besides, office jobs give more opportunities for recognition and career progress.

Can You Start Office Jobs Without Degree? Well… Yes and No

Are you convinced to start your new career in office jobs? If you would like to do so but don’t have a degree, don’t worry. Many jobs do not require it. But you should keep in mind that the jobs with the best conditions are also the most demanding. And to access them you will need experience and training.

Most entry-level office jobs are a good place where you will not be required to have a degree. You may well be able to grow within the company thanks to the job. Also, consider jobs like Mailroom Check, Data Entry Check or Sales Manager.

Of course, just because you don’t need a degree doesn’t mean there are no requirements! Study the offer to see if your skills or other training you have received can make you stand out and get the job.

Office jobs are one of the most popular types of jobs we have on We have opportunities all over the world, so you can be sure that yours is waiting for you with us – we look forward to seeing you in your new position! Let’s work together.

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