When you take help desk jobs, you would be offering technical assistance and support.

When you take help desk jobs, you would be offering technical assistance and support. You would have to handle issues that the users might face. Here, your role would be providing timely guidance that would help them in overcoming the problem. You will have to monitor calls and create reports as well. Here, we will look into the different aspects associated with help desk jobs in detail.

Why Choose Help Desk Jobs as a Career Option in 2021?

Help desk jobs can be highly beneficial for those who have technical knowledge. They can offer assistance and help people in overcoming the troubles they are facing. Here are some reasons why you should consider this as a career option in 2021.

  • High demand

As per the report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for computer support or help desk employees is increasing. It would show an 8% increase from 2019 to 2021, according to BLS. It is faster than several other sectors.

  • Diverse sectors

Numerous sectors are in search of efficient help desk employees. Computer system design is the one that has the highest number of people working as help desk support providers.

Others include telecommunications, finance, insurance, enterprise management, data processing, and related services. However, the work schedule would vary, and in most cases, you would have to take up weekend and night schedules.

  • Financial benefits

When we consider the median pay in the US as per BLS, it is $65,450. When we come to the UK, the lowest 10% of employees receive £14,000.

When it comes to the highest 10%, it is £26,000. However, the average pay is £18,940 in the UK. Payscale formulated this based on 132 salaries, and they made the last update on June 29, 2021.

Considering these reasons, many people take up help desk jobs in the UK and the US. Besides that, you could connect and interact with different people from various backgrounds. It would help in attaining personal development.

What are the Skills Employers Evaluate for Help Desk Jobs?

For every job, there are specific sets of skills. Employers look into them while they hire someone for that post. Here are some of the skills that an employer would look into while recruiting for help desk jobs.

  • IT skills

While you decide to focus on building a career in this sector, you must possess IT skills. Along with general awareness, you must have proficiency in handling different software and hardware. Here, the employer would look into your ability to repair and configure various operating systems too.

Since you work at the help desk, you would have to guide the customers remotely. So, you should have the ability to troubleshoot issues even without being physically present.

  • Communication skills

Akin to your IT skills, your communication skills play a crucial role as well. The employer would look into your listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Speaking and listening skills are essential as you have to respond to the questions raised by customers via phone. When it comes to writing, you would have to write, edit, and review training manuals.

  • Interpersonal skills

Since you would be interacting with diverse groups of people, you must have strong interpersonal skills. It is essential because you would have to work on follow-ups and follow-through calls.

Besides these skills, having a computer repair education or graduating from a technical school can also be beneficial. Through this, you can build attain help desk jobs with ease. So…Do you dare whit Help Desk Jobs in United States?