bartender jobs near me

How To Get A Job As a Bartender – Tips For Beginners

How To Get A Job As a Bartender – Tips For Beginners

bartender jobs near me

How To Get A Job As a Bartender – Tips For Beginners


e tend to think that bartender jobs are simple. After all, it’s just serving drinks to customers, right? It can’t be that hard. But the truth is that it is a demanding profession. That is why we are listing the top 5 skills for a great bartender. But first, let us have a look at what to expect if you want to start one of our bartender jobs.

What To Expect From Bartender Jobs – Salary and More

As in any job in the hospitality industry, in bartender jobs, a willingness to work with the customer is a must. And you’re sure to have a lot of interaction with them! Broadly speaking, a bartender will be in charge of serving drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

A bartender is not the same as a waiter, although they will work hand in hand with them. It is a more specific job. They must have an in-depth knowledge of all existing cocktails, have the initiative to create new flavours and know how to recommend different drinks to different people.

In terms of money, salaries vary greatly from country to country. In Spain, for example, the lowest is less than €600/month. The UK is one of the lowest-paid countries for bartender jobs, with £8/hour on average. In the USA, on the other hand, it is easy to exceed $25,000/year, and that’s not including tips! Because then things change…

What About Tips in Bartender Jobs

Usually, the salary in bartender jobs is divided into wages and tips. Wage is stable, but tips are a cultural trend. While in some countries there is a tradition of leaving some money after paying the bill, people in other places don’t usually pay more than what it says on the ticket.

For example, USA, Spain and Canada have a strong tipping culture. In USA and Canada, tips are around $1 for every drink or 15% of the bill. In Spain, there is no stipulated rule and it is usually rounding or changing money. Wages for bartender jobs in these countries are lower because the rest is projected on tips.

However, don’t expect people in Australia or the UK to tip. In the UK, a service charge is often added to the bill, but in Australia, there are not many rules regarding tips.

If you still have any doubts, you can check the bartender jobs offers on our site, Jobstoday.world. There you can discover the different working conditions and salaries. The best way to know it is to study it thoroughly.

Top 5 Skills for Bartender Jobs

A good bartender needs specific skills to do a perfect job. Are you qualified for bartender jobs? Do you need some practice? Let’s find out!

  • Ability to work under pressure. Pressure is an ever-present companion in bartender jobs. Of course, this varies greatly from one workplace to another. But it is quite possible to encounter work peaks in the evening. Don’t forget that a very important part of the good image of the establishment is their speed of serving drinks. So it is key to decide fast, work well under pressure and not let stress get the better of you.
  • Good organization. In busy times, being well organized can save lives. Bartender jobs need to be efficient. You’ll need to know where each customer is located, who has ordered what, who has been waiting for the longest… And, of course, bartender jobs also include two aspects that are often forgotten: restocking and cleaning. Knowing where to place each product makes the workflow easier. Proper organization is indispensable.
  • Communication skills. Professionalism is not only demonstrated by serving drinks quickly. It is important to be fun, friendly and nice to customers. Talking to clients is part of the job, as it can lead to earning loyalty. But it’s important to be careful as well. In some venues, alcohol can cause customers to become too disinhibited. A good bartender will be able to master a complicated situation before things get out of hand.
  • Good physical shape. Sure, glasses are not too heavy. But standing for hours, lifting bottles non-stop can be really tiring. If you’re not in good physical shape, the first day in bartender jobs can discourage you. Bartender jobs require maintaining a healthy routine and a fit body that can handle the pace of work.
  • An enviable memory. But more important than the physical shape is having a great memory. Indeed, the workload is high and bartender jobs require precision. Both to remember who has ordered which drink and to make the necessary charge if the computer system fails. In addition, remembering regular customers, and even what they usually order, is a plus. It’s a perfect way to build customer loyalty.

How Will You Use Your Skills? – Bartender Responsibilities

So… what will you use these skills for in your day-to-day work? A good bartender should put them at the customer’s disposal at all times. Among the responsibilities is preparing the drinks, of course. But a large part of customer loyalty rests on the bartender’s shoulders.

Chatting with regulars and getting to know their favourite drinks helps keep them coming back. In addition, bartender jobs have a share of innovation to create new drinks that can attract new customers and surprise regulars.

Of course, we can’t forget cashier work and closing. Bartender jobs include working with money and restocking drinks. Being the best bartender means being a master in all these different facets.

Think bartender jobs are the place to start your new career adventure? Then take a look at our website, Jobstoday.world. You have at your disposal thousands of offers that meet your requirements. What are you waiting for to find the job of your dreams? Now is the time. Let’s work together.

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