EMTs are our first line of fire when any medical problem occurs. The demand for these professionals is estimated to grow in the coming years.

Nearly 30 million Americans need the help of EMTs each year. Emergency Medical Technicians or EMTs are our first line of fire when any medical problem occurs. The demand for these professionals is estimated to grow above average in the coming years.

The medical industry can be scary. They help others a lot, but the study time and sacrifice can be great. However, EMTs do a great service to the community… without the need for a college degree! And we haven’t even talked about the EMT salary yet.

Average EMT Salary in The USA During the Last 5 Years

As an EMT, you’ll be saving lives every day. That’s a great reason to start this job. Still, you’ll be happy to know that the average EMT salary is quite high.

An EMT is in charge of providing basic emergency services to keep the patient alive. Until they reach a hospital, they are ultimately responsible for anyone’s health. And that’s why EMT salary has not been low these past 5 years:

EMT salary per year
























The location and the company make the EMT salary vary a lot. It is best to find out what the EMT salary is like in your area. You can also find out more about the conditions of employment.

EMT vs Paramedic Salary – What’s The Best Choice For You?

But aren’t EMT and paramedics the same thing? What is the difference? Both professionals are part of emergency teams. But paramedics can make decisions about medications or protocols since their training level is higher.

That is why the compensation will also be higher than the EMT salary. While the maximum salary of an EMT is usually around $50,000, a paramedic can earn up to $75,500. However, remember that paramedics invest more time and money on training. It’s up to you to decide which compensates you more.

How To Become an EMT in 3 Steps

If you’ve been interested in what you’ve read, we’re sure you want to know what the steps are to start earning an EMT salary. Well, you’re in luck! It’s a much simpler process than for other medical specialities:

  • Attend an EMT School. Make sure you meet the requirements and sign up for an EMT course. This is the first step to your EMT salary. Study reviews of schools to find one that suits you. There, you will learn the basics of the profession, such as first aid and ambulance driving.
  • Pass your National Registry Exam. When you finish your basic program, you will need to register for the National Registry EMT Exam. This is a state exam and you must pass it before you can start practising. You should take it as soon as possible because you will be tested on everything you have learned in your EMT course.
  • Join an EMS Agency. After taking the Live Scan background check, you will have all the necessary documents to start working on the front line of emergency services. It’s time to give your all to help others!

An EMT salary is within your reach. Now it’s time for you to find the job of your life. At Jobstoday.world, we want to help you. Thousands of job offers from anywhere in the world are waiting for you. Let’s work together!

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