remote accounting jobs

Why accounting jobs are a great choice in 2022

Why accounting jobs are a great choice in 2022

remote accounting jobs

Why accounting jobs are a great choice in 2022


ccounting is a lucrative profession with numerous opportunities. If you are an accountant, you can offer financial planning services to companies, individual clients, or government organizations.

When you are searching for accounting jobs near you on the web, you have to finalize whether you wish to work full-time or not. As part of your job role, you will have to examine financial operations, statements and compute taxes and identify fraudulent practices.

Here, we will walk you through some crucial points to help you form a career in accounting.

How is accounting an excellent career choice in this decade?

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the US Department of Labor, there will be a four percent growth in accounting jobs. It will be from 2019 to 2029. However, BLS states that the economy would have a significant role to play in it.

We know that the pandemic has had an impact on the global economy. But, it has heightened business works, which has led to an increase in the demand for accounting professionals. Along with that, Robert Half‘s feature states that leading companies in the UK, including Fintech UK, are searching for highly skilled accountants.

Unlike other career paths, accounting is a profession that is safe even during the time of recession. It is evident from the rise in demand for accounting professionals in the last year during the pandemic. Currently, there has also been an increase in demand for entry-level accounting positions. It is a prospective sign for freshers who are entering the job market.

Nowadays, it is beneficial to be tech-savvy accounting professionals. A recent study shows that there has been a change in the landscape of accounting careers due to technological interventions. Shortly, accounting would depend highly on Artificial Intelligence. There would be a focus shift on the accounting jobs’ roles from data entry to decision making.

What are the salaries for accounting jobs near you?

Before you start searching for a job, you have to identify the salary range of the position. You can always ask your friends or people who work in the field. However, it is best to look at verified data as it will provide you clarity.

When we consider the median wage for accountants in the US, one of the best resources is the BLS. As per the data provided by BLS, as of May 2020, the average salary of accountants is $ 73560 per year. BLS has not yet published the data for 2021. However, BLS had last modified it on June 2, 2021.

As per PayScale, the average salary of accountants in the UK as of June 21, 2021, is £ 29626 per year. PayScale formulated this data based on 1902 salary profiles of accountants in the UK.

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Advantages of accounting jobs

Accounting jobs have numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits of accounting jobs near me (you):

  • High demand

As per BLS, the US has 125,700 openings for accountant jobs over the decade. When we look at the UK, a study shows that the UK will require 80,000 accounting professionals by 2050.

  • Enhance your skills as an entrepreneur

You can nurture your skills and focus on developing your business. With time, you can offer financial consultations and tax services.

  • Attain growth in your career

You might be starting your career as a junior auditor or staff accountant. Once you gain experience and build your skills, you can attain higher positions in the finance sector. Having a degree in accounting, licenses, and acquiring profound knowledge in data analytics can be beneficial.

With the correct skillset, education, and abilities to work as an accountant, you can start your career with no hassle. You can now build your accounting career in a few simple steps. Click here to design your career and find accounting jobs near you!

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