The healthcare sector has become key to social development – and very well paid! Find out what is the average dermatologist salary in our blog.

Getting a job that guarantees stability is becoming increasingly important. In recent years, many people have lost their jobs. With the arrival of the pandemic and rising inflation, finding a job that allows you to live with peace of mind is key.

The healthcare sector has become key to social development – and very well paid! Find out what is the average dermatologist salary in our blog:

This Was the Average Dermatologist Salary in the USA During the Last Few Years

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the skin. From psoriasis to skin cancer, to problems that are often less serious such as acne.

Emergencies are less common than in other specialties, but this does not detract from the complexity of the work. As a result, salaries are high according to the high level of responsibility. Find out how the dermatologist salary evolved during the last 5 years:

Dermatologist salary per year
























As you can see, the numbers are now recovering. Still, why not take a look at the vacancies in your area on That way you can find out exactly where the right dermatologist salary stands near you.

Would You Like to Be a Dermatologist Assistant? – Salary Is More Than Worth It

Before reaching these salaries, you will have to work for several years and accumulate experience. Most likely, you’ll start out as a dermatologist assistant. And while your salary won’t be sky-high, don’t underestimate it!

An assistant can get an average of $99,000/year. It’s no joke, especially considering it’s an entry-level job. If you are interested in what you read, learn more about the average dermatologist assistant salary in your area. Compare among the thousands of jobs available on

How To Become a Dermatologist in 3 Steps

So you want to be a dermatologist. You should know that the road will not be a short one. There is a lot of work to do, but it will be worth it. It is a very rewarding job with significant financial compensation.

  • Boarding Medical School. Before finishing your basic education, check which are the most relevant subjects to enter a Medical School. Getting good grades is key to choosing a school and specialty. You will then spend four years studying the basics of Medicine.
  • Becoming a Intern. In your last year at Medical School you will have to prepare yourself to apply for your desired internship. Dermatologist salary is not the same everywhere, so you should study that as well. For one year you will be an intern and observe day-to-day life with patients.
  • Becoming a Resident. A Dermatologist residency is extremely competitive. You will practice in different areas, almost like a dermatologist, though still without a dermatologist salary (sorry!). After three years, you will be a certified professional. Congratulations!

Dermatologist salary is the highest when you study hard and have a lot of experience. So from we encourage you to work towards your dream, we want to find your dream job with you!

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