Hire employees for your company is a tough job. If you need to hire employees, you want to make sure they will be the best ones for the position.

Hire employees for your company is a tough job. If you need to hire employees, you want to make sure they will be the best ones for the position. But sometimes you find yourself at a dead end, because none of them show up, or the ones that do show up are not at the level you need. What can you do better to speed up the process so that the ideal candidate arrives as soon as possible? Just read on.

From The Beginning – What Are Candidates Looking For In A Job Description?

If you have reviewed our post about job descriptions, you already know how they have to be at a basic level. Remember our 4 must: be inclusive, personal, real and simple. Now let’s dive deeper into what candidates will notice when they read your job description and what you can add to attract the best possible talent.

So, if you need to hire employees, check that your job offer includes these 5 fields:

  • Salary. Many job offers do not include it. We know it’s hard to write a specific number. But adding a salary range will save you and your candidates time, because you will be able to filter out those who are not interested in the salary range you manage. Plus, since many competitors don’t write it down, it’s a clear way to differentiate yourself.
  • Daily routine. Explain in simple terms how the employee’s day will unfold. When you’re going to hire employees, drawing in their mind an attractive, pleasant and good atmosphere daily routine is key. What will their tasks be? Will they have people in charge? Who does their position depend on? In which department will they move? This is extremely important in office jobs since most time of the employee’s time will be spent at the office.
  • Concrete objectives. You must tell what objectives are expected of the new employee and how these objectives will be valued. For example, increase sales by 5% or reach 10,000 followers. This will give the employee information about whether he/she is qualified for the position or not. And it will save you both a lot of time.
  • Benefits. Of course, if there are any benefits that make you stand out from the rest, you should write them down. Ideally, avoid clichés like coffee or fruit in the office. Candidates are looking for something more. Work-life balance facilities, intensive Friday or summer shifts and telecommuting opportunities are examples that will attract the attention of your ideal employee.
  • Opportunities for progression. We never tire of saying it. A quality candidate is looking for a long-term career with your company. And, in order to hire employees, you must propose this from the beginning. Detail in the offer the career advancement opportunities, how talent is valued and possible salary or conditions improvements. Make it easy for them to see the good things about your company!

What Attracts New Employees

When it comes to attracting candidates, there are some basics they always look for in their new job opportunity. And that’s what you need to reinforce if you want to hire employees. 

The workplace must be a safe place to learn and grow. Promoting your employees’ careers with training and growth opportunities is a must. And it is also important to create an inclusive and respectful work environment for everyone. Your current employees will talk about you. Make sure it’s in good terms.

Increasingly, candidates are looking to develop on the job, both professionally and personally. Therefore, you should be clear about the company’s ethics, objectives and values that will attract candidates who are aligned with you. A good reputation and company values are difficult to achieve and communicate. But they are your best asset to hire employees who add value. How can we achieve this? Let us explain our method:

5 Ways To Attract Candidates – Make It Easy

Communicating abstract concepts such as values or inclusiveness is not easy. It often depends not only on you but also on external agents. But we give you 5 ways to turn your company into the place where all resumes arrive:

  • Promoting company culture any time. Your goal is to get the word out, and for that you should take advantage of any opportunity. Conferences, advertisements, campaigns… Try to get your own employees aligned with the company’s ethics. Whether it’s your commitment to the environment, the defense of mental health or the promotion of female talent, make it heard.
  • Social Media and Website. Of course, your social media and website should perfectly reflect who the company is. Create a tone and stick to it. Get into the conversation. Be eye-catching, different and approachable. It’s a long haul but, if you are consistent, it will pay off.
  • Focus on the selection process. If, during the process to hire employees, you think candidates are doing you a favor by applying for your offer, think again. Every person who leaves your interview is a loudspeaker who will talk about the company. Whether they say something negative or positive is up to you. Make the selection process enjoyable for everyone, informing them of the steps, contacting those not selected… And each candidate will be a small influencer who will improve the company’s reputation a little bit.
  • Marketing Strategy for Recruitment. Take the recruiting process as another marketing process. Create a profile for an ideal candidate, look for the best channels to reach him/her… Think that hiring employees is very similar to looking for clients. 
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise. If you want to hire employees, don’t hesitate: advertising on recruitment websites will be key. Luckily, at Jobstoday.world we connect you with candidates from all over the world at the cheapest job posting costs.

What do you think is the hardest part of attracting candidates? Can you think of another way to get their attention? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

Remember that if you need candidates, with Jobstoday.world you have access to a 100% application guarantee, so you will always hire employees with us! Let’s work together now.

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